February 23, 2014
According to court hearing decision as of 17.02.2014, Vladimir Perebeinos is obliged to pay compensation in amount of 42,939.58 rubles and officially dispose of former statements against activity of the major budget revenue generating enterprise of Seversky region.
November 23, 2012
ILSKIY STROITEL, LLC is suing the Severskiy District Administration in the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar Region in the amount of 320 thousand rubles. This is not the only or the largest lawsuit filed in 2012 by entrepreneurs from our settlement to the Administration of the Severskiy district.
November 22, 2012

Dance competition was held on November 17 in the capital of a future Olympic Games. That day was fortunate for young inhabitants of ILSKIY of dance sport club "Academy", so they brought home several gold medals.

The winners in each category are couples Vasilisa Yemelyanova and Leonid Morozov, Veronica Pustovarova and Daniil Zhayvoronok and solo dancers Alina Kozlova (first place) and Catherine Murdzhikneli (second place). ILSKIY "parquet stars" were awarded by diplomas, medals and souvenirs.

"Academy" appeared in the settlement of ILSKIY a year ago. Classes at the House of Culture are conducted by a professional choreographer Andrei Shishkin.

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15/08  Sa,  afternooncloudy+25..+27+77..+81754 - 756N   2 - 429 - 31
15/08  Sa,  eveningclear+20..+22+68..+72754 - 756N   3 - 542 - 44